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paturel 3 fishing boatsQuality since 1936.

 Paturel International has long been a prominent Canadian seafood company with pristine locations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Paturel’s main production facility is situated on the North Atlantic Coast in the Bay of Fundy.  Closely situated between New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, USA, Paturel is an exporter and processor of world class lobster to markets worldwide. 

The Atlantic Fishery

Protecting a Vast Natural Resource

Surrounded by the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and home to the Great Lakes, Canada boasts the world's longest coastline (244,000 km), representing 25 per cent of the entire coastline in the world. With more than 755,000 square kilometres of fresh water, Canada has 16 per cent of the world's area of fresh water and four of the largest lakes in the world.

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In total the capture fishery accounts for 76 percent of total fish and seafood production in Canada. Together, lobster, crab and shrimp comprise 67 percent of the landed value of all fish and shellfish harvested in Canada.

Lobster Academy,

A Training and Community Center

The company has started a series of Lobster Academy classes to inform and educate the world's largest seafood buyers.

Lobster Academy combines lectures with facility tours/demonstrations, topics reflecting industry issues like traceability, sustainability certification, demand, pricing issues, processing, regulatory needs and marketing opportunities.

Click here for an update on the new Lobster Academy Facilities

With a key role in a $1 Billion lobster industry and the diverse and unique Bay of Fundy ecosystem, we can offer unparalleled hands-on learning at our hatcheries and processing facility.

Green Living
Eco-Friendly Homes

The company will assist in developing eco-friendly housing and will transfer mortgages through a vesting program by the year 2015.

Funding Assistance for our Workforce

We are committed to offering funding assistance for employee eco-homes located on Deer Island. Part of this program involves investigating mortgage alternatives for the special eco-housing purchase program.

Social Impacts
Helping to Build Community

With a focus on economic development, "hands on" educational programming and new "green" building facilities will provide social impacts with growth delivered in good wage jobs, increased environmental sustainability, livable neighborhoods and enhanced community. With a vision for shared prosperity that puts the needs and voices of communities front and center, our company is committed to creating an influx of supporters for the lobster industry through physical presence and increased awareness.

New Brunswick and localized Deer Island residents have a special nature-based heritage, which not only serves as residence but creates a large source of income. Celebrating the unique aspects of the Bay of Fundy, the building created for Lobster Academyâ„¢, may focus on fostering the healthy development of area residents, business population and youth segments in the areas of social functioning, physical/recreational activities, and academic and professional enrichment.

Family Care

A brand new school playground on Deer Island has been donated by East Coast Seafood/Paturel International Company and an ongoing free breakfast program has been implemented and is funded by our company.

Economic Impacts
Investing in the Future of the Industry

Based on several key factors, intensive education for retail and food service buyers around Homarus americanus can spark measurable change within the lobster industry and area fisheries.

Canada is the world's seventh-largest exporter of fish and seafood products, providing more than 130,000 jobs to Canadians. Atlantic lobster is Canada's most lucrative fishery and is a high-quality, healthy food with high consumer appeal. It is the economic mainstay of approximately 1,500 communities in rural and coastal Canada.

There are almost 10,000 licensed lobster enterprises employing almost 30,000 harvesters. The economic impact on communities along the North Atlantic seaboard reaches well beyond the fishery. The lobster industry's high concentration of support industries generates employment opportunities for countless residents in almost every Northeastern coastal community in the US and Canada.

Education for lobster customers can create a positive economic impact within fisheries by creating new sales opportunities. Facility tours and education around respective products, leverage instant credibility. With nature-driven products like fisheries, the pristine environment coupled with production is literally priceless.

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