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paturel 3 fishing boatsQuality since 1936.

 Paturel International has long been a prominent Canadian seafood company with pristine locations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Paturel’s main production facility is situated on the North Atlantic Coast in the Bay of Fundy.  Closely situated between New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, USA, Paturel is an exporter and processor of world class lobster to markets worldwide. 


ECSG companies sell live lobster, lobster products (fresh and frozen) scallops (fresh and frozen) and fin-fish throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

ECSG subsidiaries include East Coast Seafood, one of the largest providers of North American live lobster, Seatrade International which operates scallop and fin-fish processing plants in Lakeville and New Bedford, MA, Maine Fair Trade Lobster of Gouldsboro, which operates the largest lobster processing facility in the state, Garbo Lobster of Groton Connecticut, Hancock Maine and Nova Scotia as well as Paturel International Company which operates live lobster and lobster processing facilities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada.

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