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Maine Fair Trade Partners

Creating a thriving and competitive U.S. processing industry is important to us. Although subject to change based on the needs of our business, currently, much of the processing of Maine Fair Trade products happens in Maine by Maine Fair Trade or third party processors.

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  • In 2015, the Maine Fair Trade plant passed both USDC and UL Responsible Sourcing audits. The UL representative audited the plant’s compliance with child labor laws, age documents, labor contracts, right to work documents, whether prison labor or physical abuse is present, and compliance with other laws/employment standards. Auditors reviewed employee wages and benefits, working hours, health and safety, disciplinary practices, and environmental issues. The plant received a perfect score and is working towards improving areas of weakness identified during the process.
  • Additionally, our policy requires major 3rd party processors sign a Vendor Social Compliance Commitment stating: employees will have reasonable hours, legal compensation, and won’t be discriminated against. The commitment also requires no forced or child labor be used.
  • If a violation is reported to our legal affairs department, a letter is sent requesting compliance.
  • If a vendor is found guilty of a breach of law, it is our policy to review their case and discontinue services if the violation is serious and likely to persist.
  • At times, Paturel International, our New Brunswick facility, assists with processing and packaging of Maine Fair Trade products. Paturel is a BRC certified plant and passed 2014 & 2015 UL Responsible Sourcing audits. Finally, Paturel is honored to be a member of the Lobster Council of Canada’s board of directors. The council is comprised of fishermen and industry participants and assists with important initiatives like disseminating pertinent industry information and getting the Nova Scotia lobster fishery MSC certified.

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