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JAPAN 6 x 5lb IQF Sea Scallops, Dry

JAPAN 6 x 5lb IQF Sea Scallops, Dry Gallery

Country of Origin: Japan

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Additional Product Origins USA; Canada; Japan; China

Available Sizes U-8; U-10; U-12: 10-20; 20-30; 30-40

Available Pack Sizes 6 x 5 Lb.

Marketing Description

Harvested in Hokkaido, in the clear waters from the north coasts of Japan, these scallops are processed all year round and shucked just prior to freezing. With a distinctive savory flavor and a texture maintained whether they are raw, simmered, grilled or deep-fried, they can be thawed at your convenience and will help to increase your meals appeal with a great cost control..


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Species Scientific Name Mizuhopecten yessoensis
Species Common Name Scallop
Product State Frozen
Shelf Life 180 Days
Wild Caught/Farm Raised Wild Caught
Allergens Wild Caught
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